Who I work with…

I work with motivated people who want to achieve their best health. My clients are committed to embracing change in their lives because they are sick and tired of being sick and tired. They want to feel a glowing vitality and a sense of their “best self”.

The vast majority of my clients are overwhelmed and weary women. Overwhelmed by work, family, life stuff and the constant struggle of keeping it all together and just plain keeping up. They focus their energy on others while neglecting their own physical and emotional health. They nourish their family, but eat on the run. They feel constantly stressed but are too busy to take time out. They make sure their children are tucked into bed early but then stay up late working from home or grasping some “me time”.

And yet, these people are intelligent individuals who know something needs to change – but where to start?  Each week there is a different diet or superfood and a thousand different opinions on how to be healthy. A friend of theirs is doing intermittent fasting or giving up gluten – should they try that as well? My clients might have some hormonal imbalances, anxiety issues or just feel depleted – but they keep soldiering on, juggling all their balls in the air until they start dropping.

This is where I come in. I recognise each of my clients as the amazing individuals they are with their own unique goals and challenges. They are welcomed into my clinic in a space that is caring, sincere and non-judgemental. I work closely with each person to identify their health goals and the behaviours that are standing in their way. We explore new habits and eating patterns that will bring them closer to better physical and mental health. I will prescribe eating guidelines (without the trendy b***sh**), perhaps supplements and always self-care habits to move them forward. I will draw on my years of professional chef experience to provide quick, healthy and delicious recipes, tips and tricks to put new eating habits into practice with the goal always being glowing good health and vitality.


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