Recipes & Resources

The recipes I have posted so far. If there is a dish you would like me to post, let me know!

lemon pine nut cream and nicoise salad

parsnip buttermilk pancakes

baked ricotta

roast cauliflower with satay sauce

lazy braised lentils, ham hock, mozzarella & pesto

spice essentials and chicken with yoghurt, prunes, coriander

cauliflower pizza

mushroom ricotta quinoa bake with hot smoked salmon

harissa yoghurt chicken & vegetable couscous

roast chicken in milk with garlic, sage, lemon & cinnamon

tomato baked chicken thighs with gremolata stuffing

mushroom barley risotto, roast tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella

road trip recovery nachos

pulled pork belly, sweet potato skins & avocado

cheesy pulled pork quesadillas

zucchini buckwheat bread

buttermilk soda bread

one-handed overnight oats

nutty berry buckwheat cake

spelt chocolate chip cookies

deep, dark chocolate beetroot cake

vanilla pears with baked nutty crumble

gooey chocolate quinoa pudding

chocolate ice cream

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